Obama to speak with Netanyahu on Iran deal

President Barack Obama is expected to speak to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, two days after the Obama administration extended a controversial nuclear deal with Iran.

In a statement Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama was “looking forward to a productive conversation” with Netanyahu, who has repeatedly accused the United States of sabotaging the deal and has said he hopes to extend the agreement.

The Obama administration, however, said it would seek to prevent any unilateral actions by Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and Obama have faced sharp partisan attacks on the deal, which President Donald Trump had described as a “bad deal.”

Trump, a Republican, criticized the nuclear deal at a campaign rally in Florida on Sept. 25.

He said he will “make the United Nations pay for this bad deal,” and said the Obama-backed deal will “end up costing the United Sates.”

The Obama-led administration said it has not made any decisions on its future approach to Iran.

The president will meet with Netanyahu in Washington on Monday.

He will then visit the Vatican in early October to meet Pope Francis.

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