Which patent is worth more?

The latest patent statistics show that the US is the world’s second-biggest market for patent-related products.

The total value of US patents in 2013 was $9.1 trillion, or just over 1% of the world economy, according to figures from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The value of the total value held by US patent owners was $10.7 trillion in 2013.

“The US is a world leader in the market for intellectual property.

We have a robust patent system and a patent office that can produce patents in a timely fashion, which is a very attractive proposition for our businesses,” said Andrew Lee, senior vice president of global corporate communications at Microsoft.

The USPTO said that the average life of US patent claims is 3.5 years.

It added that patent applications are processed at the earliest possible date, and that companies pay a royalty fee based on the amount of patents that are filed and approved.

Microsoft said that it does not publish patents’ market value, but noted that some of the companies it works with are listed on a public database of patent holders.

 The US PTO said it was important to keep track of the value of patent applications.

“The US patent system, which generates over $3 trillion in annual revenue, is designed to enable patent owners to protect their intellectual property against frivolous claims and protect innovative products and services from infringement,” it said.

“We believe it is important to ensure that the public is informed about the patent system’s impact on the economy, innovation, and the public’s trust in our intellectual property.”

The PTO’s figures also showed that the value per patent claims filed by a US company was $8.6 million in 2013, a drop of 0.6% on 2012 figures.

Apple is a major player in the US patent market, but it was not listed on the public PTO database.

It said that its filings in 2013 were higher than those of any other US company.

For example, Microsoft was listed as having filed 2,988 patent applications in 2013 and $3.5 billion in total value, which it claimed was “the most patents ever filed in a single year in the United States”.

Microsoft said that, since the USPTA began publishing patent numbers, its patent portfolio has grown by 40% year-on-year.

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