Anupam Nandwani, founder of the company Anupammadi, has left the company due to ‘family issues’

Anupampadhyay Anupambhyay, co-founder and CEO of Anupamsadi, said on Monday that he has left his post in the company as “family issues” took precedence over “the company’s mission”.

In an email to the company’s investors, Anupampsadi said, “The family issues have arisen, family responsibilities, and personal responsibilities and I am leaving the company”.

The company had been running for three years in Delhi and New Delhi.

Anupaminath was also founder and managing director of Bhanush Bhan, an online news portal.

In an interview with ET, Anupsadi said that the family “had issues with a certain individual”.

“He is a member of a certain family.

So we decided that we will not work with him,” he said.

He also claimed that he was “unable to work with any of the other staff members”.

The move came as a surprise to many.

“I knew him very well.

We knew him for a long time.

We even shared lunch together,” said an investor.

The CEO also shared his feelings about the company and its founders, saying that he felt “baffled” by the CEO’s decision to leave.

“I think he should have kept working for Anupadsadi,” he told ET.

“They are doing a great job and it is a great company.

We have been following them for a very long time.”

Anupalsad was also asked about the recent comments made by the chief executive of Flipkart.

“They are not right.

We are trying to work hard.

We’re doing great things,” Anupsi said.

“But we are a small company.

If it is not a small business, what is wrong with this?”

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