Why is ‘Big Brother’ not a TV show?

What does it mean to be a reality show?

The answer may surprise you.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , network and cable network executive producer Scott Moffitt revealed that Big Brother wasn’t really a show at all.

He told EW that “Big Brother” was “really a very, very small part of our business,” which has been working with a team of programmers, producers and actors to develop a new reality show series.

“It’s not a reality series, it’s a spinoff, and it’s based on real events from the Big Brother house, the real events that we were watching as a family, and so it’s very much the same show we’ve been doing since 2009,” he said.

So is it a reality program?

The producers and cast are still developing the show.

The executive producer is Michael Guggenheim, who also runs NBC’s drama series, Modern Family.

And the cast is still waiting on the cast to sign on to the show as the host and contestants, though Moffitt said he is hopeful that all parties will sign on.

“We’re very, we’re hoping to sign a couple of actors and some cast members,” he told EW.

“We’re going to do a lot of interviews, and we’re going on the air and we’ll just see how it goes.

We don’t know if the show will be canceled or renewed.

We’re still figuring that out.

I think it’s going to be great.”

The show will reportedly be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moffitt did not elaborate on the location.

Moffitt also talked about his plans for the show, telling EW that it will “take place in the Big Bang, in a world that we’re creating.”

“We’ve got a new world that has been created in the past six years,” he continued.

“The big thing is that we’ll all have a voice.

And it will be an alternate reality, in which the main cast will be a couple people, but there will be no big show, but the world will be very,very different from what we’ve seen on television.”

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