What’s the deal with the new ‘Pixar’ film ‘Inside Out’?

The trailer for the new Pixar film ‘Outside Out’ is here.

And yes, there are some spoilers.

Here are the facts.


Inside Out is a Pixar film that is not entirely based on Pixar.


The movie is not 100% Pixar, but will include Pixar’s famous “pixar” voice.


Inside out is not a film about love, or anything like that.

The film is based on the original Pixar movie ‘Pete Docter’s Toy Story’, and that film has a pretty deep story.


The main character in ‘Outside out’ is a girl named Ellie.


Inside the world of ‘Inside out’ are several Pixar characters, some of which have been confirmed as being Pixar characters.

The cast includes: The voice of Riley, Ellie’s best friend.

An animated dog named Buzz.

A robot named Woody.

A character named Woody who appears as a robot with a head.

A woman named Ellie’s brother.

An old man who has the ability to see into the future.

A cat named Louie who plays a guitar.

And, of course, the adorable little girl named Daisy.

The plot of ‘Outside’ revolves around Ellie, who is a very intelligent and talented girl who is the main character of the movie.

She lives in an apartment building and works for the company Pixar.

In the movie, she becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of a strange boy named Riley, who disappeared from his apartment building.

Ellie finds the boy and begins to investigate the case.

Ellie eventually finds Riley’s body and begins a search for him, and soon learns that Riley was killed in the accident that led to the boy’s disappearance.

Ellie then learns that she has a connection to Riley’s life, and she is now the sole survivor of Riley’s tragic accident.

It is not known if this is the same connection as the ‘Inside’ characters from the film.

What do you think about these facts?

Is Pixar just making an excuse to make an obscure Pixar film?

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