Trump signs ‘greater transparency’ executive order

The Hill’s Mike DeBonis reports President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday that will force federal agencies to release more information about their grant recipients and their spending.

The order, which also expands the types of data that can be shared and allows the public to access data related to the grant recipients, was first reported by Politico.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The executive order will also require agencies to update their grant-funded projects on a quarterly basis.

The administration has previously stated it wants to have information about grants on an annual basis.

But in a statement last week, the White House said it wants the government to share more information on grant recipients.

The grant recipients under the executive order are “high-risk” programs and would be affected by the change.

“While these grants are not intended to provide a path to permanent employment, the President is concerned that they will be subject to review and scrutiny in the future, potentially impacting their ability to meet their grant goals,” the statement read.

“The President is also concerned that the Government Accountability Office has determined that some grants may be eligible for renewal without adequate oversight and accountability.”

In January, Trump signed a $5.1 billion federal aid package for the Gulf Coast that included a grant to Louisiana to improve flood control in the state, which was a disaster at the time.

That grant went to the Louisiana Flood Control Agency.

In the past, Trump has signed several executive orders aimed at improving transparency for federal grant programs.

Last year, he ordered a review of grant-funding grants in the Interior Department.

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