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about the Bills for the NFL News Digital Content Blog article Posted November 13, 2018 08:59:30The Bills are still in a position where they can take advantage of their roster.

They’re not only playing good football but also getting a lot of positive feedback from their fanbase.

This season has been a great time to be a Bills fan.

It’s time to put together an article to showcase the team’s talent.

The Bills roster has five starters on the roster: QB Tyrod Taylor, TE Michael Crabtree, RB C.J. Spiller, and WR Sammy Watkins.

The team is loaded with talented young talent.

They’ll be a tough team to beat this season.

The team’s biggest weakness this season is their run defense.

It ranked dead last in DVOA.

They are only averaging 5.8 yards per carry.

The Bills have been in this situation before.

The Buffalo Bills have a history of not being able to run the ball.

That’s not to say the Bills won’t have a big running game this year, but they won’t be able to create a ton of opportunities.

The offense will have to be better this year.

They need to be able pass protect better and have better pass rushers to stop the run.

The Buffalo Bills are one of the worst offenses in the NFL.

They have the fourth worst scoring offense in the league, which is more than the Dolphins, Patriots, and Steelers.

They also have the second worst rushing offense, which ranks 18th.

The Dolphins have a ton more talent on offense than the Bills.

Their quarterback has been sacked six times so far this season, the Bills are in the middle of their worst offensive line in the game.

The Browns are one the best teams in the NFC.

They had the top defense in the division, the fourth best scoring defense, and the third best passing defense.

The Browns defense will have a lot to work with this year in the running game.

The only thing the Browns can really do is make a lot more plays.

The Bengals defense ranks 28th in DVOPA and 29th in scoring defense.

The Titans are in a great spot heading into the season.

They play great football, and their offensive line is a lot better than it has been in years.

This offense should be better than what it has shown thus far this year and they can be a dominant rushing attack this year if the offensive line plays at a high level.

The Titans also have a quarterback who has a lot less experience in this league than he did in years past.

It’ll be fun to watch the Titans run the football this season and the Bills defense should be a very good defensive team.

The best way to beat the Titans is to run for touchdowns.

The most important thing for the Bills this year is to not give up touchdowns.

The Texans are in one of those teams where they have great talent, but have also been in a lot worse spots this year than the other teams in their division.

They ranked deadlast in DVPA, and had a negative rushing DVOA as well.

The defense is one of their best in the AFC and should be able the run well.

This year the Texans should be good in the passing game, but the Bills will be better in the run game.

Houston Texans defensive end J.

J Watt is on pace to have the best season in franchise history.

He has 8.5 sacks, 6.5 TFLs, and 11 forced fumbles in his first four games.

He was a top 10 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Texans will need him to be even better this season in order to win the AFC South.

The other big problem for the Texans is their running game, which ranked 31st in the country.

The run game is one thing that could be improved this season with the addition of Tyreek Hill.

The rookie running back has been getting better as the year has gone on and should have a huge impact this season for the team.

The Vikings are one team that has struggled this season compared to last.

They rank last in the nation in rushing DVPA.

They didn’t run the most ground last season and had the fifth-lowest offensive DVOA of any team in the conference.

They finished with the third-worst rushing offense and the fifth worst passing offense in their conference.

The Vikings offense was pretty bad last season too.

Their offense ranked 30th in the SEC, 23rd in the Big Ten, and 20th in Big 12.

The biggest thing that can help the Vikings in the short-term is improving their run game this season as they did in the past.

The offensive line should be an issue for the Vikings this year as they had some major injuries in the front seven.

The running backs have to get a lot stronger this year because they have to run so much of the time.

The Patriots have a really good running game and an excellent passing game.

Their offensive line has been

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