How do I get my job back?

A former student and one-time intern at a university has told how she is being left without a job after being wrongly labelled as a threat to security and her personal safety.

The former student, who asked not to be named, said the university had failed to respond to her claims about being targeted.

“I was a student at the university and a part of the university community and was always treated fairly,” the former student said.

“[My employer] would not be interested in speaking to me or anything to do with my safety and security.”

“They said that if I spoke up that they would make sure they knew that I was a threat.”

She said the issue was so serious that the university did not even send a letter to her, instead sending her a Facebook message.

I had a job [at the university] and I had to go to the gym, and then the next day I’d have to go home and work as a tutor or a part-time job because I couldn’t get any work done, she said.

The university did send a note to the former employee that she would be “protected” and the university would be made aware of her concerns.

She told the ABC she had been told she would have to undergo a security assessment.

“It’s very intimidating, I have no idea how they got me labelled,” she said, adding the university was “shocked” by her experience.

“If they [the university] didn’t know about this before they told me that I had been labelled a threat, then I would never have been given the job.”

The university said it was committed to addressing all allegations of misconduct, harassment and discrimination.

“The University of Queensland is committed to supporting and ensuring the safety of all our employees,” it said in a statement.

A university spokesman said they were aware of the allegations and “are currently investigating”.

“The university has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and racism.

Any person with concerns about harassment, racism or discrimination should contact our office or visit the Sexual Harassment Resource Centre.”

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