The real story behind the death of Sydney mother who was hit by a train

Updated September 27, 2019 19:11:25 Sydney mother of two was hit in the head by a Metro train at Circular Quay station, police have confirmed.

Key points:Police have said the man was carrying a knife when he ran into the station on the corner of Circular and Bayswater streets on September 17A man who was detained on suspicion of murder was released after police made an arrest on September 19Police said the 28-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion that he assaulted a police officer at the stationA NSW Ambulance spokesperson confirmed he was a police guard who was assisting paramedics when the man ran into Circular quay and ran into an ambulance.

“The suspect has been taken into custody and is being treated in hospital,” police said in a statement.

“It is believed he was carrying his knife when approached by a police member at the Station Station at Circul Quay on September 18.”

The man was taken to the local police station where he was interviewed by detectives.

A 29-year old man who has been charged with murder is also being questioned by police.

Police have released no further details about the circumstances of the incident, but a man in the ambulance said he was called to the station to help with an injured person.

“We went there because there was a young girl who was having trouble breathing, we just did what we were told to do and we came back to the scene,” he said.

“I saw a man who had been assaulted, a young man, I saw him run up to the ambulance.”

Police said they were not investigating the incident as a terrorist incident, saying it was an act of violence and the suspect would be arrested.

The Sydney Morning Herald said the incident sparked a discussion about how to deal with the increasing number of people who run into trouble with the law.

“This has caused a lot of concern,” a spokesperson said.

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