Which companies are using the new API to monetize their content?

Recode article The latest version of the Apple App Store now allows companies to pay for ads and content through a new API.

The news site Recode’s sister publication The Verge has been using the platform for a while now, and its content is now featured in more places than ever.

While it’s not as popular as YouTube or Google’s AdWords for content, it’s still a big deal to advertisers who can get an even better rate on their campaigns.

Today, Apple released a statement confirming that it’s adding new features to the app.

In short, the app has been updated to allow publishers to monetise their content through the new APIs.

The full statement:Apple’s App Store has been a bit of a mess for developers.

Many publishers have been unable to add features like push notifications, a built-in search engine, and other tools for advertisers.

Now Apple is making it easier for publishers to use the platform.

The company says that it has added new APIs for publishers that allow publishers the ability to offer content to their audiences.

For publishers that do use the new features, publishers will see a higher revenue rate on campaigns that include sponsored posts.

“Apple has made it easy for publishers with more than 50,000 followers to monetify their content, and the revenue generated from those campaigns will increase,” a spokesperson for Apple told Recode.

Apple has added a new search engine to the App Store that will help publishers monetize.

Recode found that the new search service will let publishers find news and other content by keyword, location, or topic.

In a similar vein, publishers can now easily find videos from publishers with a high following by clicking the video’s thumbnail.

In addition, publishers are now able to search for a specific article by title, and it will show up in the app’s results.

Apple also added a number of new content types to the new App Store, including video clips, podcasts, and photo albums.

The new API allows publishers to build more powerful ads that can target specific audiences or topics, as well as to add video and audio clips to their content.

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