Canadian coffee company, coffee chain join forces to tackle global warming

The Coffee House chain of coffee shops and cafes is launching a partnership with Canadian coffee giant Starbucks to help combat climate change.

The initiative, which is being spearheaded by the Canadian Coffee Institute, will create “a network of green coffee partners around the world” that will help customers and their coffee suppliers make healthier choices and more sustainable choices.

“The future of coffee and sustainability is now in our hands,” said the coffee company in a statement.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Starbucks to build a network of more than 150 coffee shops around the globe to take advantage of the growing climate action in this country and the global community.

We are committed to partnering with sustainable coffee producers around the planet.”

The initiative will be led by the Coffee House brand, which has over 1,600 cafes across the world.

It will use its global network to create green coffee partnerships in more than 30 countries and markets, with the aim of supporting local businesses and their green coffee brands.

Starbucks has pledged to reduce its emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.

“It is no surprise that Starbucks is joining forces to help create a global network of sustainable coffee brands and coffee houses to help consumers and their customers make healthier, more environmentally sustainable choices,” said Brian McNamara, CEO of the Coffee Club Alliance, which represents the coffee industry.

“Through the Coffee Houses Network, we are going to create a network where coffee and the coffee shop can work together to make a real difference in the lives of people and the planet, which will drive more sustainable businesses, better communities and a more sustainable world.”

Coffee House is the second major coffee brand to join forces with the Starbucks brand to promote sustainable coffee.

Earlier this month, coffee giant Mars said it would join forces in the space with the coffee chain’s coffee partner, Starbucks, to create more than 1,200 new coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in 2020.

Starbucks is also one of the biggest coffee brands in the world, with more than 200 coffee shops in the U.S. and more than 300 worldwide.

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