How to play the new game ‘Surf and Turf’ on Nintendo Switch – The Verge

The Verge has the scoop on how to play Surf and Turfl, a new Nintendo Switch game.

The game uses the Joy-Con controllers to move your character around.

The Verge describes it as a game that takes advantage of the Switch’s motion control.

“The game features a vast array of surfing, surfing and more surfing-like activities, including two new types of game modes: surf and turf, which allow you to surf and sail on the water, and turf and turf which combine the best of both worlds,” the company says.

“As a surfer, you can hop into the water and get high-fiving and surf with your friends, while at the same time trying to keep yourself safe by surfing and riding in your boat.”

The game will be available for the Switch on April 6.

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