When MTV News asked you to take a test to prove you’re a ‘normal person’ – here’s what you did

By now you’ve probably been following MTV News’s new “Ask Me Anything” style quiz on Reddit.

And now we’ve got some stats to prove it.

As a rule, MTV News asks viewers to upload their questions for the Q&A show, in the form of a photo.

But some questions are posted more than once.

And some are not.

So we asked you, the people of Reddit, to upload photos of your questions and your answers to our question and answer quiz.

Here are the results:As you can see, most people answered the quiz correctly.

But there were some surprising results.

For example, some people were actually asked to pose as someone who’s not related to you.

Others were asked to be “older than 50” and “overweight”.

Some were asked how many people they knew.

And there were even questions on how many children they knew and how old they were.

What’s more, some of the questions were asking people to answer things like how much time they’ve had to watch a certain show.

And while the questions are designed to be challenging, we’re also glad that people are willing to take the test to find out if they’re a normal person.

The MTV News Q&Ads page is full of questions that were actually submitted for the show, so we thought it was worth sharing.

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