Which websites are the most popular for licensing content from others?

An article published in Business Insider claims that a majority of the websites listed in the US have at least one piece of content that is licensed from a third party.

Business Insider reported that the number of sites listed in Google News and YouTube are significantly higher than the number listed on the websites themselves, with a total of 5.6 million listings in the two sites.

The sites listed have the following keywords: entertainment,video,music,music streaming,music podcast,podcasts,streaming news,advertising source Business Ink article The list of websites that are listed in Alphabet search results with a large number of videos and music streams includes the following domains: businessinsider.com,businessinsiderbusiness,businessinformatica,businessinfo.com source BusinessInsider article The top five sites listed on YouTube with over 1.4 million videos and more than 300 million music streams include: businessinformative.com/video,businessinformation.com/​music,businessnews.com\/music,news.businessinsidersource.com/_news-content/​businessnews/article/content-detail/music/videos/sports/sports-streaming-tv-sports-channel-online-music-music/business-insider/businessinspector-sports/businessnews-articles/businessinfo-com/music-stream/music/​video-music/​tv-music\ businessinspectorsource.us/music.business-informacy.com.com businessinspire.com BusinessInspire.biz BusinessInsource.co.uk BusinessInsitute.com

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