A new report reveals how Google’s algorithm works to target people who have a bias towards Republicans

Politico article POLITICO – A new analysis by The Upshot shows how Google algorithms influence the way people click through to news and news-related sites.

The analysis found that users are more likely to read news articles that have the highest amount of “Google-sponsored content,” including “social media posts and related hashtags,” according to the report.

The research also found that the more time people spend reading the news and trending topics, the more likely they are to click on a link to read the article.

The analysis, published Tuesday in The Upside, found that news articles on the right side of Google News were more likely than those on the left to be sponsored by Google, which Google is the primary owner of.

The company has been criticized for favoring articles that show the most positive image of a company, while also promoting articles that are negative.

Google, which has struggled to find new revenue sources as its stock price has dropped over the past year, has tried to address its content strategy by including content from more mainstream news outlets.

But the new study suggests that a greater amount of the news content on Google News is sponsored content, which could affect the results of readers’ searches and decisions about which news to click.

The report’s authors, Jonathan Weisbrot, a senior research analyst at The Upsides, and Daniel Marder, a research analyst with The Washington Post, say that the analysis shows Google is attempting to “make its news content more relevant and relevant to the news consumer.”

Google is not the only company trying to make its news more relevant.

Facebook, which owns the news app News Feed, is reportedly working to get more people to read its content.

Facebook also recently announced a new program, called “The Stories That Matter,” to highlight stories that are relevant to a user’s interests.

But The Upsize analysis suggests that Google is trying to do more with less.

According to the study, users are most likely to click through the News Feed on the most-related article, “Donald Trump” and “Trump-Pence: The Trump Era Is Over.”

The authors write that “the top stories of the day on the News feed for the day in November 2017 are Trump-Pences, Trump-Masters, and Trump-Biden.”

In the study’s conclusion, they write that the research shows that Google’s “biased search results” “are not neutral or unbiased.”

Google is a major force in the news business.

The top 10 search engines have more than 30 percent of the total U.S. traffic.

The researchers also found Google is more likely when a user clicks on a news article that has “sponsored content.”

The top two stories on the top stories for each day of the month were “Donald J. Trump-Trump-Bennett,” “Donald T. Trump,” and “Donald M. Trump.”

The researchers write that this suggests Google is “increasing its influence on search results for these stories, which is a trend that is consistent with previous work.”

The Upshot report was conducted in collaboration with The Huffington Post and the Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

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