What’s next for the U.S. economy as the new year approaches?

The U.K.’s unemployment rate rose to 5.8 percent in February, the highest since September 2011, as a number of factors contributed to the jobless rate’s rapid rise.

The labor force participation rate rose for the first time in eight months, which has helped to lift the unemployment rate to a new five-year high of 5.7 percent.

And the number of people without a job, which peaked at 1.7 million in November, declined for the third straight month.

The U,S.

jobless rates are forecast to fall below 5 percent for the second time in three months.

But the unemployment picture is still grim, and it is likely to remain that way until the labor market returns to full employment.

A new report from The Associated Press, which is based on interviews with more than 1,600 people, paints a bleak picture for the economy and jobs.

The AP found that unemployment rates rose in many states, but in several places it declined more than half of the time.

In Ohio, the unemployment gap between those who want a job and those who are actively seeking one grew by an average of 4 percentage points between January and February, according to the AP.

It is now 6.7 percentage points, or 11 percentage points.

The biggest drop was in Florida, where the gap grew by 1 percentage point.

But a number for many other states, including Nevada and Pennsylvania, remained virtually unchanged.

The unemployment rate in New Hampshire dropped by 3 percentage points from February to March.

In Arizona, it fell by 1.9 percentage points and in West Virginia by 2.2 percentage points during the same time frame.

The rate in Iowa fell 1.5 percentage points in February from January to February.

The gap in Nevada and the West Virginia rate, which have been both rising, remain the highest in the country.

In some states, the drop in unemployment is not large enough to matter: A jobless gap of 2 percentage points was still large enough for the state to qualify for the unemployment benefits, according the AP, and in Ohio the gap is smaller than the national average.

But even in these areas, the jobs that people are looking for are being cut.

The jobs that are being lost are not being lost at the same rate that they are being created, the AP found.

In Nevada, the job growth was not strong enough to offset the losses in employment, while in West Va. the job losses are not large and job openings are not keeping pace with job creation.

It’s clear that job creation is being squeezed at the state and local level, the report found.

For instance, Nevada’s unemployment rate is 7.4 percent, but the unemployment of the people without jobs is 5.4.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the state’s unemployment is 6.2 percent, compared with 4.2 for the unemployed in the U of A. It would take just about every one of those people in Arizona to create a job in the state, according as a result of their non-work.

That makes it difficult to create jobs in Arizona.

In the Midwest, the rate of job loss was 2.4 percentage points below the national rate.

And in the South, the rates were smaller than in the West.

The report said the lack of a job market and low unemployment could be a reason for the economic contraction in many parts of the country in the first half of this year.

But it also said that states with strong labor markets are showing a “steady upward trend in the number and pace of job creation.”

The report comes as the U, S. Federal Reserve is poised to start raising interest rates, the first step in a series of measures intended to boost the economy.

The central bank has been planning to begin raising interest payments next week.

But economists warn that the economy may be too weak to take the measures.

The economy may not be strong enough for central bank to make the first rate hike.

The Federal Reserve in its first rate report last month said that if the economy does not rebound strongly by mid-March, the Fed would be prepared to raise rates further.

But that hasn’t happened yet.

For now, the economy is still growing at a sluggish pace.

That’s hurting people’s prospects for retirement.

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