Westlaw: Google and Yahoo should stop sharing user data

The Westlaw newsroom will stop sharing information from Google and other large web companies with the newsroom.

The newsroom has long been using information about users from these sites to provide context to the stories they’re writing, but it said it will no longer do so.

The newsroom said in a statement that it has been working on ways to improve the way information is shared and to ensure users have control over their personal information.

The company said it was not disclosing any user information because “we don’t want to disrupt the way newsrooms work and keep them from creating great stories.”

The move is a clear signal that newsrooms want to stay ahead of the curve and be responsive to user requests for information.

Newsrooms have been trying to do better with their users’ information, including providing context to stories written by them.

In fact, many newsrooms have adopted tools that make it easier for newsrooms to share users’ personal information with them.

But it’s not clear what impact the change will have on the company’s overall data-sharing business.

While the newsrooms are not obligated to do so, the companies are using these tools to serve up the best content for their users.

Westlaw said the company has “been working to improve our transparency with our users for years.”

This article has been updated to include a statement from Westlaw.

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