How to spot fake news

How to Spot Fake News – A Guide article You’ve probably heard about the “fake news” story that has been circulating on social media lately, a phrase that is a bit of a misnomer, given the proliferation of fake news and how easily it can spread.

That’s not to say that you can’t spot it, of course.

It’s the same story that’s been circulating for months in the news media.

The headline, of a story written by someone who’s been duped into believing that their company’s product has been the victim of a hack, is the same as the headline in a story about a scammer or fraudster, or a story that purports to be an investigation of a scam.

And then there are the “news” stories, such as the one you see in the headlines, which are often written by journalists who are themselves being duped.

The truth is that there’s no “fake” news on the internet.

There are stories that have been written in an attempt to sway public opinion and sway people’s opinions on political issues, but they’re usually written by people who have been dupes themselves, or people who want to make a quick buck.

The news stories you see, or read, are a byproduct of this type of journalism, the type of propaganda that has become more common as a result of the Trump administration’s policies.

The Trump administration has repeatedly touted fake news stories as evidence of how bad things are, despite the fact that the vast majority of them are bogus and not even true.

And now, as the Trump presidency has been coming to an end, the Trump White House has been trying to spin the story of how fake news is a major threat to democracy as it was created by the left.

The White House and some White House officials are attempting to paint the fake news narrative as one that will benefit the president.

It has a lot of support among the left, and they see it as a way to delegitimize the president and discredit his administration, especially in the case of fake stories.

What does fake news actually look like?

To understand the fake story, you have to first understand what a fake story actually is.

A fake story is a story designed to deceive, mislead, or mislead people, often to manipulate them into believing something they don’t want to hear.

It is not necessarily false or untrue, it is often designed to mislead and distort the public’s perception of what is happening in the world.

And because it is designed to manipulate, it often serves a purpose beyond simply being a false report.

The idea of a fake news story is that it is created to make someone think that something is not true, or that they are not being told the truth.

Fake news stories are usually written to manipulate or to distort what the news outlets themselves report about an issue.

And that is exactly what the Trump campaign was doing.

The fake news, of which there are dozens, may be more than enough to sway the public opinion in any one direction.

So what is fake news?

Fake news is the idea that something that is not, or is in some way not, true is not a fact.

It might be something that the news organizations themselves are not reporting, or something that they have manipulated to create the impression that it’s true.

It may be the case that the story or the source is not actually true.

Or it may be just something that someone else created to look like a story, but it is not.

But all of these possibilities are possible, and so are all of the other possibilities that the president has been claiming that fake news has been responsible for during the Trump era.

What are some of the reasons for people believing that fake stories are the most dangerous thing about the Trump Presidency?

Because it’s not really news.

It does not have any of the hallmarks of news reporting.

It doesn’t have any independent sources.

It hasn’t even been confirmed.

It isn’t even a story.

The goal of a hoax, as Donald Trump has been saying, is to create false stories that are taken at face value.

The intention of the hoaxer is to try to convince the world that something or someone is a real story.

And the idea of the fake, fake story that is being created is that the truth is something that you’re told by someone else, by a government agency, or by a private company.

It can be anything.

It really can be something, and it really is.

If you’re in a political debate, you’re talking about a story created by someone trying to get you to change your views.

If a politician is saying that you need to support something or oppose something, you know that they’re not telling you what the truth really is or what the actual facts are.

If there’s a story published by a company, they’re telling you that it has the right to make money off your taxes.

You’re getting that message in a way that doesn’t really

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