Bannon’s ‘Beltway Boys’ plan to ‘save America’ with ‘bipartisan’ tax plan

Breitbart News has learned that the President’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has “bumped up the odds” of a bipartisan tax overhaul by “setting up a team to help him make it happen.”

Breitbart News learned of the plan in a report from a top White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the secret deliberations.

“The President is going to have a group of senior people in his administration to help shape this plan,” the official said.

The Trump administration has been working with Bannon and his team since mid-September to craft a bipartisan, $1.6 trillion tax overhaul, and Bannon, according to the official, is leading the charge.

The plan, the official added, would “put America first, and make the country strong.”

The Trump team is currently “in the final stages of drafting a tax plan,” and Bannon is said to be working with the President to craft an alternative plan that would “be more palatable to the middle class and working people.”

Breitbart’s source said that Bannon “has made it clear that the plan would include some changes, but it will be very different from what the President has been talking about.”

A top White Rep. Adam Schiff Adam Bennett SchiffHillicon Valley: 50M affected by Facebook hack | Google CEO to testify on Capitol Hill | Tesla shares slump after SEC sues | House Intel votes to ban Trump from tech executive forum | Lawmakers to hold hearing on ‘Google tax’ report MORE (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, said on Sunday that he had “no information” that Bannon was “working on anything bipartisan,” and called the proposal a “dramatic shift” away from Trump’s “dumb and dumber” tax plans.

Bannon and Trump have been feuding for months over their tax plans, with Trump publicly accusing Bannon of being “anti-tax,” and the White House threatening to fire Bannon after he refused to back off his pledge to raise taxes on millionaires.

Bannon has repeatedly said that he wants to “save America” from a tax hike and have “bipartisanship.”

In a statement on Saturday, Trump said that the White Houses “team of people” would “work together to craft the best tax reform plan possible.”

He continued: “We are in the final phases of drafting our tax plan and are committed to getting it done.

As always, I ask everyone to join me and the President in working toward a common goal.”

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