How much does it cost to make your phone more powerful?

Apple is finally rolling out the first major updates to iOS 11, which includes the addition of support for the latest Apple Pay, and a new version of Siri, the company announced today.iOS 11.1 is the first update for the iPhone since the iPhone 7, but it also includes a few other small but important changes, including a few new apps that will let you access the App Store and iTunes.

The company says that the biggest change is that you can now make your iPhone 5s more powerful by adjusting the power button.

This can be done by turning on the Power Button Power Settings option in the Settings app, but this only works if you have an iPhone 5.

If you have the iPhone 6, the feature is available under the Power button.

The new iOS 11.0.1 update also includes several bug fixes, including an improved Bluetooth connection and a fix for a crash that could occur when opening an email app.

Apple says that users can install the update by going into Settings, tapping on “System updates,” and then going to “Updates & security.”

The iOS 11 update also brings some other small changes.

For example, the app now supports a “newest app” view, which lets you see the newest apps installed on the device.

And, of course, the update also introduces support for Apple Pay.iOS 10.1.2 was released on June 22, and iOS 10.3.1 was released a day later.

iOS 11 was released the next day, June 25, and Apple said that it’s already seeing positive feedback from users.iOS users have been happy with iOS 11’s performance, and there’s even a video showing the progress of some apps on the iPhone.

But the latest iOS 11 has a few small issues that could hurt its chances of seeing widespread adoption.

The first is the iOS 11 logo, which isn’t very pleasing to look at.

Apple says that it has fixed that, and that the logo will remain in place on the app icons in iOS 11 and iOS 11 Pro, but some users may not like that the old logo still appears on the iOS apps that they’ve previously downloaded.

Apple also says that some people may not want to install the iOS update.

Users who downloaded iOS 11 on their iPhones earlier this year may still want to download the iOS 10 update, but if they’re already on iOS 10, then it’s a bit of a no-brainer to download iOS 11 instead.

Apple is still testing the latest version of iOS 11 with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users.

You can get iOS 11 for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in a new update for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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