Canada to ban fake news on Facebook page, website

Canada will ban fake stories on its social media platform, a move that could have a negative impact on the Canadian economy and the news industry, the CBC’s John Ibbitson reports.

The news service says the move was made Wednesday after it asked the company why its posts are misleading.

The CBC says it is notifying Facebook that posts are not appropriate and that the news service is now looking into how it can prevent fake news from appearing.

The decision comes a day after Facebook and Google said they were taking steps to crack down on fake news and misinformation.

The move comes after Facebook said it will take a closer look at the content that it deems as news content.

It will be transparent about who decides what is news and who is allowed to post it.

Facebook will also allow news publishers to set their own policies about what is acceptable content.

It’s unclear how much impact the decision will have on the news content on Facebook.

The social media giant has had trouble with misinformation and false claims in the past.

In May, Facebook announced it would begin requiring publishers to publish stories that are verified by the CBC and that adhere to its standards.

Those standards, which were adopted in June, include a requirement that they make sure the story is accurate and that it includes accurate information.

The CBC says the CBC News app has over a million people who have created or shared posts that have been deemed fake.

“This is about the integrity of the CBC news and how the CBC stands by its commitment to fairness, objectivity and impartiality,” the CBC said in a statement.

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