U.S. Congress Approves Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Immigration Policy

The U.K. parliament voted overwhelmingly on Monday to support President Donald Trump’s decision to limit immigration from countries with a record of human rights abuses.

The House of Commons voted last month to pass the legislation, which also passed by a slim margin in the Senate.

The vote was a victory for Trump’s hardline immigration agenda, which he says will benefit Americans.

But the measure was a blow to many in the United Kingdom, where Prime Minister Theresa May, a Trump ally, has repeatedly pushed to restrict immigration.

The legislation has been dubbed “Buy American” by critics, who argue it will further alienate millions of people from their countries of origin and make it harder for Britons to join the U.N. and other international organizations.

The U,K.

House of Lords voted to approve Trump’s “Buy America” legislation in a vote of 248-198, with 29 abstentions.

“We have come a long way in this country since I took office, but it has not been enough,” May said after the vote.

“In a way, it is not fair to expect the American people to bear the cost of this.

We have the power to change the rules of the game.”

May’s government is expected to make a formal statement in the coming days about the legislation.

Trump’s administration has also sought to make it easier for the U,S.

to enter the country under certain circumstances.

The White House has said it wants to allow the U.,S.

and Britain to join a new, voluntary trade deal, and have both countries open to more trade.

It is also looking to loosen restrictions on visas for people from the countries involved in the so-called “war on terror” and other countries that are deemed to have been at the epicenter of terror.

The measure would also expand legal immigration, including for legal permanent residents, which Trump has proposed for years.

The “Buy Americans” legislation is opposed by the U’K.

government and has been opposed by U.A.E. officials.

The two governments, as well as many others, argue that the U.-Britain agreement will allow it to gain a larger share of the world’s market for arms and military equipment, and that it will be unfair to the British people.

The bill’s passage comes amid a surge in calls to ban Muslim immigration.

Earlier this month, Trump signed an executive order barring refugees and travelers from six majority-Muslim countries, including the U.’s.

The order was a response to the Paris attacks, which killed more than 130 people and wounded more than 400.

The new “Buy AMERICAN” legislation was opposed by Britain, which has had a history of supporting anti-Muslim political movements and has faced protests from immigrant communities.

“It is deeply disappointing that the House of Parliament, which represents the people, has failed to listen to the concerns of British people,” May wrote in a statement after the House vote.

May said the legislation “should not be considered the final word on immigration policy.”

The House vote was the latest setback for Trump in his fight against the spread of terrorism.

The president is facing criticism for what he said was his failure to enact his Muslim ban before he took office.

His administration has said that the ban will be temporarily suspended pending an investigation by the Justice Department.

“If we are successful in stopping the spread and targeting of terrorism, then I will immediately and totally suspend the travel of all Muslims to the United States until such time as we are able to identify and prosecute those responsible for this horrendous act of violence,” Trump said in a recent press conference.

“This will include those who support terrorism and those who seek to harm our country and our way of life.”

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