Fox News’ ‘Morning Joe’ co-hosts report on Trump’s trip to China is ‘fake news’

FOX NEWS — “It’s just not true,” said co-anchor Joe Scarborough.

“The president just flew to China and spent a weekend there.

And this is just not, you know, a story.”

In a story published Thursday, Fox News reported that “a Trump official has told reporters that the president did not travel to China to attend a summit of world leaders,” citing a White House official who said “Trump never planned to travel to Beijing and that he had a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday.”

Scarborough also said, “We’re just seeing a lot of fake news on the air, because the president has been doing it for a while.

He just doesn’t seem to care.”

Scarborough and co-Host Mika Brzezinski are the co-founders of the “Morning Joe” show.

The show was a ratings success for Fox in 2016 and has been a favorite among Republican voters since its debut.

The network said it was “aware” of the Fox News report, but it was not “aware of the veracity of this claim.”

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