Obama: Trump ‘is just as guilty of pandering as he was of lying’

The President said Monday that he believes President Donald Trump “is just a panderer” who “is more guilty of lies” than any of his predecessors.

“I believe he’s a liar.

I think he lied about everything,” Obama told the New York Times.

“He lied about Benghazi.

He lied about his birth certificate.

He’s the kind of person who would lie to try to win votes.

“If he was lying about something, I would believe him. “

When you have somebody who has no self-control, I don: You have to be willing to say anything,” Obama continued.

“If he was lying about something, I would believe him.

But he’s not.

And the truth is, we’re seeing him get worse.”

The president told the Times that Trump is “playing the game, and I think it’s a very good game, but it’s not going to get him elected, and it’s certainly not going’t get him the votes.”

The New York Post’s Jonathan Capehart has more: Trump has been accused of panders to white supremacists and the KKK.

Obama responded by saying Trump is an “unfit commander in chief” because of his tendency to lash out at critics.

He also said Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and his refusal to condemn the KKK is a sign of “how far we have to go to protect the people who elected him.”

The Post’s Paul Kane has more.

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