News content creator: Google, YouTube must give content creators access to copyright protections

Updated July 30, 2018 05:40:15 Google (GOOGL) has announced it will begin requiring YouTube content creators to pay royalties to copyright holders.

Google says that its new policy will be in place for YouTube creators by the end of 2020.

Google will be paying royalties for copyright holders for the rights to video clips and content created by its platform.

The service will also require content creators who have made a profit from a piece of content to be compensated by Google for the use of that content.

YouTube will be collecting the royalties in the form of a subscription fee, and the fees will be used to cover ongoing expenses for its content creator community.

YouTube’s decision to charge royalties will not affect the ability of YouTube content creator to monetize their content.

Instead, YouTube will take the revenue and invest it in further developing its platform, including providing access to tools and other features that creators can use to monetise their videos.

The company has been one of the most vocal advocates for copyright reform in recent years, and is widely seen as one of its main champions for the Internet.

YouTube currently has more than 25 million creators who generate more than $300 billion in revenue each year.

Its creators are able to monetized their videos by uploading videos to YouTube in a variety of formats, including video-sharing services like Vimeo and YouTube Red, which allow users to share video clips with friends and viewers.

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