The Philippines’ ‘fake news’ campaign is getting more attention

AUSTIN, Texas – AUSTin, Texas � The Philippines has a new slogan to combat fake news.

In a Facebook post, the Philippine Department of Information Technology (DIT) announced on Wednesday that it has a “fake news” campaign that aims to “stop the spread of fake news and fake news propagators.”

It�s a clear indication that the country is taking its fight against fake news seriously.

The campaign includes an automated “checklist” that helps users identify content that could be considered �fake news.�”You will not see fake news on the Philippine social media site.

We will not allow it to be spread on social media.

We don�t accept it,” the DIT said in the post.

The Philippines is the world�s largest producer of fake information and the second largest producer after China of foreign-generated content on social networks.

The country is the target of a series of fake stories and other content that have been circulating on social networking sites and on news outlets around the world in recent months, including claims that President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police to fire on protesters at a rally of supporters of the incumbent president, President Benigno Aquino.

The Philippine government has denied the charges.

The government also maintains that the police have been allowed to use excessive force against the demonstrators, and that Duterte�s supporters were the ones who staged the violence.

The government has also maintained that it�s not a government official or official employee of the country who is behind the fake news spread.

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