Which cities will you be able to visit next?

In this article: What is a destination city?

How long is a city a destination?

What are the major points of interest?

What’s the weather like?

How can I book a room?

How do I book car rentals?

Where do I park?

Where can I find food?

How does my car get into a city?

Where does my house come from?

How many people does a city have?

What do I need to bring for a trip?

What does a tourist get for free?

How much does it cost?

When does the next tourist season start?

How to find a hotel in your area?

Where to find the best restaurants in your city?

Are there many international airlines?

Are air travel services available?

How are flights arranged?

How will you travel between the major cities in your state?

Where is my hotel?

How would you like to go for dinner?

How about to see a show?

Where would you prefer to buy groceries?

Where should I start planning my next trip?

How should I get around?

What kind of cars should I have?

Is there a designated “pick up” spot?

Where are the best spots for a car rental?

What is the best way to buy a car?

Is it safe to ride a bike?

How is a bicycle operated?

What type of motorcycle should I buy?

Is a bike safe?

Can I buy a new bicycle?

What happens if I break a bike while I’m traveling?

What should I know about public transportation?

How fast can a car travel?

Can a car drive on sidewalks?

Can cars travel on freeways?

Can they drive on city streets?

How old are the cars in my city?

What age are the drivers?

Can you use a mobile phone while driving?

Do you have to have a license to drive a car in your town?

Is the car insurance free?

Can someone get a free ride on the back of your car?

Can anyone get a ride on my car?

How often do I get to see my child?

Is my child required to wear a helmet?

What if my child does not show up to school?

Is school open on weekends?

Can my child ride in the car?

Does my child have a driver’s license?

What sort of equipment is required to drive in my town?

How frequently does a child use the school bus?

What would I pay to rent a car from a car service?

Do I have to be 21 to rent an apartment?

Do people need to have ID to rent cars?

Is public transportation free?

Do school buses cost money?

How close can I get?

What kinds of places do I see during daylight hours?

Is nighttime parking free?

What can I do with my vehicle?

What time of day do I want to get to?

Is carpooling allowed?

Is parking at a public library or museum free?

Does this carpool stop?

Does public transportation use public transit?

What types of businesses do I visit?

Do we need to be in a certain location?

How far can I drive?

What traffic rules do I have in my state?

Is traffic light red, amber, or yellow?

Is speed limit on my street?

Is I able to stop at a light to get out of my car if I get stuck?

Do some businesses have parking meters?

Do they use electronic parking meters or do they do it manually?

Do parking meters require a parking pass?

Do drivers have to wear seat belts?

Is alcohol or drugs allowed in cars?

Do parents have to sign an agreement before they can drive their children?

What about dogs?

Do dogs need to wear collars?

What to do if I’m late for school?

What laws apply to public transportation when it’s closed?

Do a dog park need to belong to a local municipality?

Does a dog need to know the time?

Does the dog have to follow rules?

What will happen if a dog is stolen?

Do public transportation systems close at night?

What sorts of activities are allowed at night in a city or town?

What, if any, do I do if my dog is in a car with me?

Can dogs be allowed to ride in my car while it’s parked?

Can people ride in their own vehicles in a public place?

Can pets be in public spaces?

Can public places be closed at night to protect dogs?

Is dog walker required to use a leash?

What constitutes a safe public place for a dog?

How did you know that this restaurant was closed?

Is this restaurant a public gathering place?

Is that a private place?

What legal protections do dogs have in the United States?

What rules apply to dogs when they are in a dog walk or riding on a leash in public?

What public places are closed to dogs?

What states allow pets to be brought into public parks?

What state bans public dog walking?

Can the public carry pets in public parks, including in a vehicle?

Do pet owners have to show proof

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