Which is more dangerous for patients: opioid-induced respiratory failure or fentanyl?

Medical News Now title How much fentanyl does a fentanyl patch contain?

article New Mexico state lawmakers are trying to find out.

The state’s legislative leaders say they are weighing a proposal to change the state’s laws governing the sale of opioid-related paraphernalia and fentanyl-related drug paraphernals.

The bill, proposed in a state Senate committee on Tuesday, would make it a felony to sell or possess paraphernal containing fentanyl or fentanyl-containing products that are sold for nonmedical use.

It also would make paraphernas containing fentanyl, a Schedule I drug with no medical value, illegal to possess for personal use.

Senate Bill 2193, sponsored by state Sen. Jeff Kennett, D-Santa Fe, would also make it illegal to distribute fentanyl-laced or fentanyl parapherna for sale in the state.

“This is an opportunity to put a spotlight on the dangers of these products,” Kennett said.

He said the bill would also prohibit sellers from offering the drug paraphenas as gifts.

The bill passed the committee on a 21-0 vote.

“We are taking the opportunity to send a message to our communities, our partners, to say that we’re going to do everything we can to stop this from happening,” Kennetts said.

Senate Republicans, who control both chambers, said they were considering the proposal.

Sen. Bill Stiles, R-Mesa, said he supports the legislation but he opposes making the drug-related and fentanyl paraphena paraphernae illegal to sell.

“It’s a terrible thing to do,” Stiles said.

The proposal, which is modeled after a similar proposal in Vermont, would not change the law on who could possess or distribute paraphernias of fentanyl.

It would still be legal for someone to possess or sell fentanyl paraphelas for personal or family use.

However, Kennett and state Sen: Mark D. Carper, D, said the legislation would make the sale and distribution of fentanyl-like products illegal.

They said the change would help protect the public and increase public safety.

“What we’re doing is we’re creating a crime that is not a crime,” Kennets said.

Diversions would also be legal to sell and distribute fentanyl paraphetas.

State law prohibits the sale or distribution of all drugs of abuse except heroin and cocaine.

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