When Trump says he doesn’t want a war with Russia, why not just tell him: Why not start one?

The Associated Press – AUGUSTA, Ga.

(AP) President Donald Trump says his administration doesn’t think there’s a need for a war between Russia and the United States after a Russian spy plane and an American spy ship were shot down in the Pacific, but his national security adviser is taking the blame for that.

In a statement Thursday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump has been briefed on the Russian military incursion in the Black Sea and the resulting loss of the American vessel.

But Spicer said he does not know why the two ships were shot at.

The U.S. military says it has no comment on that.

Spicer said the president’s top adviser, Stephen Miller, has been “in constant contact” with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and with the leaders of Ukraine and Georgia, who were not on the call.

“Secretary Haley and President Trump have both been in constant contact with the U.

Ns leaders on the ground in Ukraine and on the Georgian borders as well as with the Russian Federation in the immediate aftermath of the shooting down of the Russian ship,” Spicer said.

Spicy stew of speculationOn the day of the shootdown, Trump tweeted that “Russian aircraft were shooting down our ships.”

He also accused Russia of “spying” on the United Nations and the European Union.

On Wednesday, he called the U., the EU and NATO “the greatest threat to national security.”

He said the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European bloc would cause “catastrophic consequences” for the U

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