How to design an interactive financial news

article article This article is a part of our ongoing series exploring the power of design to help your content make its way through the funnel.

If you’re looking to create a content marketing article for your site, the following steps should help.

First, find out how your website is viewed by your target audience.

Second, decide what you want to share.

Third, choose the right keywords and categories to get your article across the first two points.

If all of this sounds daunting, the first step to creating an interactive article is to create your template.

Here’s how to create an interactive, searchable article template.

When you use a template, your content gets searched, and your search results are sorted into the appropriate categories and keywords.

You can use the same template for any article on your site.

Here are some examples of how to use a searchable template:When you create an article, you get a list of the keywords and the content categories that appear in the search results.

Here are some of the possible keywords you can search for:Here are a few of the search terms you might use:

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