How to Fix ‘Fake News’ in a ‘Fake Economy’

In order to understand how this happened, we need to understand the ‘fake economy’.

The fake economy is the fake economy that the media is telling us it is, that’s what the media tell us.

The fake media tells us it’s the economy.

And the fake media is all about selling the fake.

So the fake, the fake business is what the fake economists are telling us is the real economy.

The media tells the fake world it’s a free market, that it’s fair.

But the real world is rigged to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

The real economy is based on competition, competition between different businesses.

It’s a competitive market, it’s not a free-for-all.

The free market doesn’t give the big banks or corporations an unfair advantage.

They get to make their own rules, and they don’t give them to anybody else.

The biggest monopolies and the big companies get to control the government, the media, and all of society, but the little guys, the people, get to do what they want with their lives.

The big monopolies get to get away with murder, corruption, and the abuse of power.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are black, you are screwed.

The people who are the most powerless, who are in a position of poverty, who have nowhere to turn, they are screwed the most.

And that’s how you get the fake news and the fake economics, the phony business.

You get the real economies.

You have to understand that, because if you don’t, then you donĀ“t understand how the real and fake economies work.

In the real business, there is competition.

Competition drives innovation.

Innovation drives productivity.

Competition keeps us all employed.

Competition is why we have the greatest economy in the world.

The system is rigged against the people who need it most.

It gives them no say, because they can’t do anything about it.

The economy that we live in today is not a real economy at all.

It is a fake economy, a phony economy, and it is the most corrupt, most destructive economy on earth.

So you can see how this is going to destroy us.

In order for us to have a fair, honest, free, and competitive economy, we must know the difference between a fake and a real, and we must understand that it is a very small, very tiny, very important difference.

And you can’t know the real from the fake because the media and the economists don’t want to tell you that.

But they do want to keep the fake going, because that is how they get paid.

They are the big bankers.

They have the power.

And they can make whatever they want.

The truth is that if you have a true free market in which you compete and get the best prices, you can get the most jobs, the highest wages, the best services.

But if you let the big money get in, then your economy just dies.

If you have competition, if there are workers who want to work and can get paid the way they can, you have real, legitimate businesses and you have true prosperity.

So it’s clear that if the media wants to tell the fake story, they can.

But we have to know that what they are saying about us is not true.

The only way to really know how this works is to look at what’s going on inside the fake and the real businesses.

That’s why I am so excited about my new book, Fake Capitalism.

I want to show you how the big media tell the lies that are so desperately needed to keep people trapped in the rigged economy.

That is what you need to do.

I will explain to you how it works.

If we have a fake, fake economy in which the big corporations and the wealthy and the powerful get away without paying any taxes, then the people don’t have a voice.

The rich get away.

The corporations get away and they are allowed to steal your money and then use it to finance their crimes.

That happens all the time.

The same thing happens in the real market.

The market is not rigged, but it is rigged.

It allows everyone to compete for business.

The bigger companies get bigger, the more money they get.

The less competition there is, the bigger the companies get.

So what happens is that there are too many businesses, and too many people.

So instead of competition, we have monopoly.

So one big company buys a bunch of other big companies and monopolizes the market.

That way the big firms get the largest profits, while the smaller ones get smaller and smaller profits.

And this is what’s called ‘free-for

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